Jeff Buckley for Guitar Players

Below you can find links to each of Jeff songs for which I have attempted to do a tab and/or chord chart.

HERE ARE THE SKETCHES TABS, such as they are!!

I will try over time to improve each and every tab, so they should be regarded as very much under ongoing construction and NOT definitive. Some (I think) come pretty close, but there is always room for improvement. Any suggestions you have would be most appreciated. You can email me, Michael Harris, at

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The Sin-e e.p. and the GRACE album are now all done!

The Live at Sin-e e.p.

Mojo Pin: mostly OK, but some bits need fixing
Eternal Life: finally done and lookin' good!
Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin: Just a text file version for now, but lots of tricky stuff to play. Difficulty rating = HIGH!
The Way Young Lovers Do: I can play it, it's a LOT of work to write it out... but I've done the intro!!!!!

The Grace album

Mojo Pin: see above
Grace: pretty well complete
Last Goodbye: slightly improved 15/12/97! Close to as good as I can get it!
Lilac Wine: mostly happy with this
So Real: long live intro added, a typo fixed in the intro 6/3/98.
Hallelujah: not too bad
Lover You Should've Come Over: Done!! Chord chart AND tab!! Woo-hoo! 6/3/98.
Corpus Christi Carol: This was tabbed by Jake Leach after I said I didn't want to tab it out. Thanks to Jake, and to Rohan who forwarded it to me after I couldn't find where I filed it. No chord chart, just a tab, uploaded 6/3/98.
Eternal Life: Woo-hoo!! Done! 15/12/97
Dream Brother: OK, finally got a chord chart happening, along with the tab!

The unreleased originals -- Two out of three ain't bad!

What Will You Say: A full-blown tab now, to accompany the chord chart! (15/4/98)
Woke Up In A Strange Place: Same deal as above -- you get chords, you get a tab, you get a set of steak-knives... (15/4/98)
Mood Swing Whiskey: This one is still messing with my head. Bear with me....

The cover versions -- Four new chord charts.

Kick Out The Jams: played at every gig!!
Kanga-Roo: The old Big Star classic, a live staple for JB and band.
I Know It's Over: from the MC5 to the Smiths! Probably done to confuse Henry Rollins... *chuckle*
Curtains: Would you believe an Elton John song? From a solo gig on New Year's Eve, 1995.
If You See Her Say Hello: A Dylan song occasionally covered, a chart to appear soon I hope.

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