"Lover" Chord Chart

This is about as simplified as it can or needs to be, and is in standard tuning. The tab is a lot more elaborate (see below).

D C Em

Looking out the door

                               C      Em
 I see the rain fall upon the funeral mourners

Parading in a wake of sad relations

                      C         Em
  as their shoes fill up with water

     G             F#
And maybe I'm too young

    Bm            D           G
To keep good love from going wrong

     D                        C  Em
But tonight you're on my mind so   (you'll never know)

I'm broken down and hungry for your love

        C       Em
With no way to feed it

Where are you tonight?

                      C     Em
 Child, you know how much I need it.

G                 F#
Too young to hold on

        Bm          D              G
And too old to just break free and run

Bm                    Em
Sometimes a man gets carried away,

         Bm                                 Em     
When he feels like he should be having his fun

              Bm                          Em
And much too blind to see the damage he's done

 C                                        D
Sometimes a man must awake to find that, really,

He has no-one...

D                    Gm
So I'll wait for you... And I'll burn oh

A                    G
Will I ever see your sweet return,

A                           C 	Bm
 oh/or, will I ever learn?

A                         Em
Lover, you should've come over

'Cause it's not too late.

Lonely is the room the bed is made

                C        Em        
The open window lets the rain in

Burning in the corner is the only one

               C       Em           
 who dreams he had you with him

G        F#                     Bm    
My body turns and yearns for a sleep

            D     G               
 that will never come

F           D                      
It's never over,

                         C       Em
 my kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder

It's never over, all my riches for her smiles

                  C      Em        
 when I slept so soft against her...

It's never over,

                             C          Em
 all my blood for the sweetness of her laughter

It's never over, she is the tear

                       C      Em   
 that hangs inside my soul forever

G                   F#       Bm       
Maybe I'm just too young to keep good love

D            G        Gm             
 from going wrong

D      Gm  A  G  A  C  Bm                       

A                         F#
lover you should've come over...

D                        Gm            
I feel too young to hold on           

      A                             G 
 I'm much too old to break free and run

 Too deaf, dumb, and blind

                          C       Bm
  to see the damage I've done

        A                         Em
 Sweet lover, you should've come over

 Oh, love I'm waiting [I waited] for you

D      Gm  A  G  A  C  Bm 

    A                       Em      
 Lover, you should've come over

 Cause it's not too late

1. Some bits of this are pretty simplified -- like the G/F# sequence in "Maybe I'm just too young...", but you don't want to know about flattened 6ths and dimished chords, do you?

E  |-1-|---|---|---|                   E  |---|---|---|-4-|  
B  |---|---|-3-|---|                   B  |---|---|-2-|---|  
G  |-1-|---|---|---|                   G  |---|---|---|-3-| 
D  O---|---|---|---|  = Open           D  |---|---|-1-|---|  
A  X---|---|---|---|                   A  X---|---|---|---|  
E  X---|---|---|---|                   E  X---|---|---|---| 
     1   2   3   4     <-- (frets) -->      1   2   3   4 

"Lover" Tab


Detailed Guitar Tab

(Standard tuning, 3/4 time.)

I call this " A tab in five parts", more or less -- or else "Variations on the Themes of 'Lover'".  I've basically divided the song into five main sections, and done the best I could.  Like "Last Goodbye", this is an easy song to play "approximately", and a hard one to tab with any precision.  You are welcome, even more than usual, to use the following as a guide to developing your own preferred way of tackling the song.

Some of the chords below get a bit weird.  Good luck with the fingering, and in many cases, the muting of unplayed strings!

Oh, and those airy chords right at the start before the guitar comes in??  Basically, they are C-D-A-G-D-Em-D.  Now, on with the show.

PART A:  "Looking out the door..."

E --0^2--2----------------3-----2---0---0----------------
B --3-3--3----etc.--------1-----0---3---0-------------------
G --2-2--2----------------0-----0---0---0---------------
D --0-0--0----------------2-----2---2---2---------------
A ------------------------3-----2---2---2------------
E ------------------------------0---0---0-----------

Repeat as necessary.  The variations on the E minor at the end are my subjective choices, so do as you please.  Also, the 0/2/2/0/3/0 Em7 chord I often play without fretting the E on the D string, i.e. 0/2/0/0/3/0.  (Like it really matters, huh?)

PART B: "Maybe I'm just too young..."

E ------------------------------2---2-3-2---3---------
B -------------0----------------3---3-3-3---0----------
G -----------0---------------3--4---2-2-2---0-----------
D ---------2---------------3----4---0-0-0---0-----------
A --2-3-4----------------2------2-----------2----------
E -----------------0-1-2--------------------3--------

I invented some fingering for these chords for y'all if you want to strum rather than pick out notes.  In that first one, a G diminished thingie, try 3/4/2/0/0/X, while for the second one, an F#major with a raised 5th (flattened 6th?), try 2/1/2/3/3/X.  The fingering on both will take a little practice but you will be grateful for the results if you persevere.

Oh, and that transitional D-Dsus-D between the Bm and Gmaj is pretty quick to appear.

E --2--------------3----0------------------0------
B --3--------------1----0------------------0------
G --2--------------0----0------------------0------
D --0--------------2----2------------------4------
A -----------------3----2------------------2-----
E ----------------------0------------------0----

  "But tonight... so        you'll never know..."

PART C: "Sometimes a man..."

E --2-----2-----------------0--[or 2---------------------
B --2-----3-----------------0------0-----------------
G --3-----4-----------------0------0-----------------
D --4-----4-----------------2------2-----------------
A --4-----2-----------------2------2-----------------
E --2-----------------------0------0]----------------

          "Sometimes ..... carried away..."

E ---0-----------------------------2---0---1---------
B ---3-----------------------------0---0---0---------
G ---0-----------------------------0---0---1---------
D ---2-----------------------------2---2---0---------
A ---3-----------------------------2---2---X---------
E ---------------------------------0---0---1--------

   "Sometimes a man must awake... no-one...."

PART D:  "So I'll wait for you...."

Part 1 of Part D (I have done two versions of this -- the first one stays closer to open position, the second one ascends the neck.)

E -------------------------------------------0----
B ----3-----3---------------3-----------------------
G ----2-----2---------------3----------------2-------
D ----0-----0-(repeat)------0----------------2---------------
A ----0-----0--------------------------------0------
E --2-2---2-2-------------3-3--------------2-2-----------

   "So I'll wait...       and I'll burn ... will I ever see..."

E -----0---------------------------------------------
B -----3-----------------5-----------------------3---3--
G -----0-----------------6-----------------------0---0--
D -----2-----------------4-----------------------2---0--
A -----------------------------------------------3---2----
E ---3-3-----------------5-----------------------------

  "...sweet return... oh, will I ever learn..."

E ---------------------2---0-------4------2-3-2-----------
B --5---5---5----------0---3-------3------3-3-3--------------
G --2---2---2-----2----0---0-------2------2-2-2---------------
D --2---2---2-----2----2---2-------0------0-0-0---------------
A --4---2---0-----0----2---2---------------------------
E ----------------2----0---0---------------------------

E ---3----2---0---0----------------------------------
B ---3----0---0---3---0-------------------------------
G ---0----0---0---0---0-------------------------------
D ---2----2---2---2---2-------------------------------
A ---3----2---2---2---2-------------------------------
E --------0---0---0---0------------------------------

Part 2 -- The Up The Neck version...

(Done without timing.)

E ---------------------------------------------------2---0--
B ---3---3---5---7----10---12---10---10---7--5---2---0---3--------
G ---2---3---6---7-----9---12---11----9---7--6---2---0---0-----
D ---0---0---4---5-----7---10----9----7---5--4---0---2---2-----
A ---0-----------------------------------------------2---2-
E ---2---3---5---7-----9---12---10----9---7--5---2---0---0------

PART E: "It's never over.."

E -1--[or 4----5---------3------------2--0--0---------------
B -0------3----7---------5------------0--3--0-----------
G -1------4----7---------5------------0--0--0-----------
D -0------3]---0---------0------------2--2--2------------
A ------------------------------------2--2--2-------
E -1----------------------------------0--0--0--------

Then into the climax, from "To keep good love from going wrong...", which has a transitional G minor (see below), and then those notes played over the chords for PART D.

E -----------------------------------------------
B --3---------------------------------------------
G --3-------------------------------0-2-----2-2^4-------
D --0------0------------------0---0-------2---------0--
A --3------------0-1-0------0---2-------4-------------4-2-0----
E -------2---2-3-------3--2-----------------------0----------2-0-


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