"Last Goodbye" Chord Chart

OK, like all chord charts I do, it is not "authoritative", whatever that means. It is meant to give people a rough idea of how to approach the song, and enjoy playing it. If you use other variations on some of the chords, more power to you! Ash Brideson has previously posted a chord chart for this song which at the time seemed pretty on the money to me. (I haven't referred to it lately so I don't know whether I've done anything notably different.)

Dsus/D                Dsus/D
This is our last goodbye
           Bm            A          Em
I hate to feel the love between us die
But it's over
Just hear this and then I'll go :
 you gave me more to live for,
  G                     Dsus/D
more than you'll ever know.

Dsus/D etc. 
This is our last embrace,
       Bm              A           G
must I dream and always see your face
      Em                    D
Why can't we overcome this wall
  A                                      G
Baby, maybe it is just because I didn't know you at all.

(Weird chords -- kind of Dm then Gm7, repeated)

 A7                G
Kiss me, please, kiss me
             A                              G
But kiss me out of desire, babe, and not consolation
               A                          G
You know, it makes me so angry 'cause I know that in time
A7                  G                       Dsus/D
I'll only make you cry, this is our last goodbye.


D        Bm   A              G 
Did you say "no, this can't happen to me,"
D            Bm          A        G
and did you rush to the phone to call?
            D       Bm           A            G
Was there a voice unkind in the back of your mind saying, 
Em/Am                 C               G
"maybe... you didn't know him at all."
          D                              Dmaj7
Well, the bells out in the church tower chime
  D7                              Dmaj7/D
Burning clues into this heart of mine
          C               D                C
Thinking so hard on her soft eyes and the memory 
Of her sighs that, "it's over... it's over..."

Dm/Gm7 twice, then A7-G-C (last chord left hanging).

The Dsus means D suspended, and it's easy (and nice). It's just a standard D major with an added 4th note, as follows.
E |---|-2-|(4)|     The 2/3/1 chord is the D major.  Adding the (4)
B |---|---|-3-|     turns it into a Dsus.
G |---|-1-|---|
D |---|---|---|
A |---|---|---|
E |---|---|---|
The weird chords which I describe above as Dm and Gm7 are actually tabbed below as (first) being made up of C, F and D notes, and (second) Bb and F notes. Go figure (I had to!). Dm and Gm7 oughta do as a simple alternative.

"Last Goodbye" Tab

Here is my latest attempt at Last Goodbye, referring to the video evidence, yer Honour.

I have tabbed this out before, and I think my last attempt is up on Gayle's website, but this is muuuuch improved. If you have never played this song before in open-G tuning, then run amok!!! :^)

(Thanks again to those who advised me on the open-G tuning.)

This is an update on the previously posted tab of this song. I have had the benefit of viewing some live footage of Jeff playing this, and I was able to figure out some bits which hitherto I'd had to guess. I still make no claim to 100% accuracy, but, fact is, it hardly matters. Most of the chords in the song are simple majors and minors, each of which can be played a number of ways in the open-G tuning (or even in standard tuning). But I do think I have made a pretty good attempt at getting close to what Jeff (and Michael T) are playing.

(Note: I sometimes economise on notation in this song by ignoring the open strings. I indicate muting when I think it's important, but use your own judgement about what to mute and what to let ring.)

So, OK, you can check out the tuning below, and I presume you all know that the slide bit just goes from fret 2 to 5 to 12 to 7. But just to be super-helpful, here's how Jeffrey does it when in Japan (not using a slide).

*Intro (Live & Acoustic in Japan):

D ---2---2-4-5--->5---7^5--|--7>9---9--9-----7---   1st & 3rd times
B ---2---2------->5---5----|--5>7---7--8^7---7---
G ---2---2------->5--------|--5>7---7--------7--
D ---2---2------->5--------|--5>7---7--------7---
G ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX--------|------------
D ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX--------|----------------

D ---2---2-4-5--->5---7^5--|--5>12--7--------    2nd time
B ---2---2------->5---5----|--5>12--7---------
G ---2---2------->5--------|--5>12--7-----------
D ---2---2------->5--------|--5>12--7----------
G ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX--------|-----------------
D ---XXXXXXXXXXXXXX--------|----------------

then finish on.......and move into this

D ------0-|--0-- || ---0---0---0---0--|----   and play as required.
B ------0-|--0-- || ---0---0---0---X--|-----
G ------6-|--4-- || --12--12--12--11--|----    This is the "D suspended"/
D ------7-|--5-- || ---0---0---0---0--|--------  "D major" sequence.
G --------|--0-- || --12--12--12--11--|------
D --------|----- || ---0---0---0---0--|------

Of course, there's a 2nd guitar doing some distracting things in there, like
playing the open 4th string (D) at some point where the first guitar isn't,
but these things are just sent to test apprentice tabbers.

*Intro (Part 2):

D -----------------------------|--------------------------------
B ----2----2----2-------5----5-|----0----0----0-------7----7------
G ----2----2----2-------5----5-|----0----0----0-------7----7-------
D ----2----2----2-------5----5-|----0----0----0-------7----7------
G ----2----2----2-------5----5-|----0----0----0-------7----7------
D --4-X--4-X--4-X---4>7-X--7-X-|--2-X--2-X--2-X---2>9-X--9-X-------

(Faking the bass line on a guitar!) this finishes on the A7, G sequence

D ---------|--0---------------     then into the
B ---------|--0------------        Dsus/D thing as
G -----0---|--0------------        tabbed above.
D -----11--|--9--------------
G -----9---|--7--------------
D -----11--|--9--------------

...but an alternative version of the A7, G sequence is...

D ---------|--0--0--0---------     and THEN into the
B ---------|--0--0--0--------      Dsus/D thing as
G -----0---|--0--2--4--------      tabbed above.
D -----11--|--0--0--0----------
G -----9---|--0--2--4---------
D -----11--|--0--0--0---------


From Dsus/D ("This is our last goodbye") into the descending bit ("hate to see
the love...")

D ----0-----0----|----0-----------|--0---|---0----      The little
B ----0-----0----|----0-----------|--0---|---7--------  4/0/4 thing is
G ----7-----6----|----0-----------|--0---|---7--------  kind of an optional
D ----9-----7----|----2-------4---|--5---|---0----      transition thing
G ----7-----6----|----0-------0---|--4---|---7--------  which is quite nice.
D ----9-----7----|----2-------4---|--5---|---0-------   Play it quick.

"...see ..between us die, but it's over ...this..."

D -------[or]-[2]--|----[or]-[0]--|-----0------0---  etc.  
B -----0------[2]--|--0------[0]--|-----0------X--------  
G -----6------[2]--|--0------[0]--|----12-----11---------  
D -----7------[2]--|--5------[0]--|-----0------0-------    
G -----6------[2]--|--4------[0]--|----12-----11---------  
D -----7------[2]--|--5------[0]--|-----0------0--------  

"you gave me ....... more than ... know......"

The 2nd run through is the same as the first, only reverse the order of the Em
(2/0/2/0) and the G (5/4/5/0).

Then come those tricky "what are they?" chords which end the sequence here.

D ----(3)--|--(3)--3-----------   . N.B. the () bit means try not to strike 
B ----(6)--|--(6)--6-----------    these strings -- emphasise the bottom 4.
G -----5---|---5---3-------------
D -----3---|---3---3-----------
G -----5---|---5---3-------------
D -----0---|---0---3--------------

For "kiss me please kiss me", you can just jump back into the barre chord

D ---2--------5--|---0--------7--- || ------[or]--------------[or]
B ---2--------5--|---0--------7--- || ----------------------------------
G ---2--------5--|---0--------7--- || ----0---[0 ]----------0---[0]--
D ---2--------5--|---0--------7--- || ----5---[11]----------0---[0]---
G ---2--------5--|---0--------7--- || ----6---[9 ]----------4---[0]---
D ---------------|---------------- || ----7---[11]----------5---[0]---

"..kiss me, please kiss me, kiss me... ...I'd only make you cry..."

The square bracketed chords at the end are alternative ways to play that bit.

*Middle 8

This is the instrumental bit.  The chords are Dsus/D, with Jeff's voice doing
lots of "ooooh"s while the guitar does something like:

D --------------|--------[rapid]-----|---[rapid]----|-------------|----
B --------------|--------------------|--------------|-------------|----
G -4---7---6--2>|4--6---11>12>11---4>|6---6>7>6---4>|6---2>4--1>2-|-14-
D --------------|--------------------|--------------|-------------|----
G -4---7---6--2>|4--6---11>12>11---4>|6---6>7>6---4>|6---2>4--1>2-|-14-
D --------------|--------------------|--------------|-------------|----

The timing of this bit is *not* easy to write out, sorry.  Those first notes
are not (I am pretty sure) the beginning notes of that bar.  All I can say is
that practising it against the song itself as played by The Man will be good
training for the ear.

Then you go into the chords, Bm/A/G/A/Bm/A/Em/A/Bm/A/G, played something like

D -----------------|- [repeat 1st 2 chords, |---------------------
B -----------------|-----  then] -----------|---------------------
G --7---6---4---6--|----------------0-------|---7---6----0--------
D --9---7---5---7--|----------------2--4--7-|---9---7----0--------
G -[7]-[6]-[4]-[6]-|----------------0-------|--[7]-[6]---4--------
D --9---7---5---7--|----------------2--4--7-|---9---7----5--------

The notes in square brackets can be played or just muted (which is what I
think Jeff does).

Then we get to "Did you say no this can't happen....", where I've re-tabbed
the chords in an attempt to get that consistent F# high note which seems to be
in every chord in this section (except the last 4).  It's a bugger to finger,
but that's our Jeff (actually, I think he lets the bass guitar take care of
that descending bassline, except bringing his thumb into play over the neck to
fret the 7th fret on the bottom string at the appropriate moment)...

D ----0------0--|--0---------------X--- || ---0--|-0--|---0--|----0---
B ----7------7--|--7---------------7--- || ---8--|-1--|---5--|----0---
G ----7------7--|--7---------------7--- || ---9--|-2--|---5--|----0---
D ----0------0--|--X---------------0--- || ---0--|-0--|---0--|----0---
G ----7------4--|--6---------------0--- || ---9--|-2--|---5--|----4---
D ----0------X--|--7---------------5--- || ---0--|-X--|------|----5---

"..Did you say ...no this can't happen... ..may ...be ..know him.."

Then back to part 2 of the intro, twice, then the Dsus/D bit, and then the
climax which I am going to tab two separate ways.  Jeff seems to play the
first of these versions, but I figured out the second one before I saw the
live footage and I like it too much not to put it in.  So sue me.

Climax #1:

D ---0-----0--[for-------------|------------------------|------
B ---0-----0---2---------------|--8------------------7--|------
G --12----11--bars]------------|--9------------------7--|--9---
D ---0-----0-------------------|------------------------|-11---
G --12----11-------------------|--9------------------7--|-11---
D ---0-----0-------------------|------------------------|------

" bells of the ch'tower chime, burnin' clues... heart of mine.."

Or else try

Climax #2:

D -------------|----------|---------------------|------------
B ---7---------|-5--3-----|-5-------------------|--5---7-----
G ---7---------|-6--4-----|-5-------------------|--6---7-----
D ---0---------|-0--0-----|-0-------------------|--0---0-----
G ---7---------|-6--4-----|-5-------------------|--6---7-----
D -------------|----------|---------------------|------------

" bells of ...  chime,  burnin' clues...  heart of mine.."

And then into:

D ----------|------------|----------|----------------------
B ---5------|---7--------|--8-------|---10-----------------
G ---5------|---7--------|--9-------|---11-----------------
D ---0------|---0--------|--0-------|----0-----------------
G ---5------|---7--------|--9-------|---11-----------------
D ----------|------------|----------|----------------------

"..so hard ..soft eyes ...memories ...sighs that it's..."

then the tricky "what are they?" chords, then finish up on the final drawn out

D ----0----0----0----0---//--------------------0------------
B ----7----7----0----5---//-[or just]----------5------------
G ----7----6----7----5---//-------------0---0--5------------
D ----0----0----0----0---//------------11---9--0------------
G ----7----7----7----5---//-------------9---7--5------------
D ----0----0----0----0---//------------11---9--0------------

and you're pretty much done.

I *reallllllllly* hope you have some fun with this.....

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