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This page presents guitar tabs I have done for songs by Jeff Buckley and links to some work I've done on some Ben Harper songs. In a few cases, I will also post some of my favourite tabs of these artists as done by other people. I don't know how much of a habit I will make of this, but then, I'm kind of making this whole thing up as I go along. So bear with me and enjoy the ride...

History Of It All

The Jeff Buckley tabs were initially posted to the JBEL mailing list (you can find out more about this on my links page). I started working on them while he was alive, so I've been doing these for quite a while. But as the patient folks at JBEL will tell you, I'm not so fast at doing them. (I like to think they're worth the wait.) They have been vetted and commented on by various observers there. They also (some of them at least) have been seen on Gayle Kelemen's superb "official" Unofficial Jeff Buckley website. That site sadly no longer exists as the repository of all things Jeff the way it used to, so here is where my tabs "officially" exist.

The Ben tabs, on the other hand, are being done as part of a "Ben Harper online guitar tutorial" on his Virgin Records website, which I have been helping with. (Now there's a learning experience!!) Down below you will find links to the Virgin site where those tabs lie.

Unless otherwise stated, the tabs here are mine. However, these things are generally collaborative in some sense and I've benefited from what's gone before. An incomplete list of folks who've helped me somehow somewhere, especially with the Jeff tabs, includes John Pollock, Rohan Davidson, Luke McMahon, Gloria Gamboz, Brett McClen, Jake Leach, Chris Paola, Stephani Lewis and a number of others who have all contributed either tabbed snippets of songs, or useful comments on tabs of mine that were floating around in cyberspace. What you see here has been improved by them in one way or another, and I'm grateful for their feedback. I'll try to acknowledge specific contributions as I go.

That said, these tabs should also be regarded as works in progress (some more progressed than others) and all constructive feedback, praise, money etc. is welcomed. And I'll update/improve them as I go (I make no promises as to how often), which means they may look a little different from time to time. Oh, and finally, "caveat emptor" applies. I try to be careful, but typos and errors creep in. If you spot one, please let me know.


For the Jeff Buckley songs:

#1 -- a chord chart for each song, simplified and standard-tuning-ified for ease of use. Usually with lyrics.

#2 -- on the same page as the chart for a song, scroll down to find the detailed tab for that song.

#3 -- on a separate page, I'm including some notes on reading tab, as well as a guide to my idiosyncratic notational choices.

As far as Jeff is concerned, I am trying to do old songs, new songs, cover songs, blue songs ... any damn songs he played which I'd like to tab. In some cases, with cover versions, I may just do chord charts. Whatever...

For the Ben songs, you get links to where to find the online "Music Maker" tutorial, and some info on how that whole project came about.

You can contact me at m.harris@iaesr.unimelb.edu.au. To submit suggestions or bits of tab you have done yourself, etc., please read my section about me which gives some background on me, and some information and guidelines on "submissions" to this site.

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