Links I Like

Find the official Jeffsite here.

Russ Fuller's "Kingdom For A Kiss" tribute page to Jeff Buckley.

John Gleisner's "Mojo Pin" tribute site to Jeff Buckley.

Chris's Say Your Grace page.

Ashley Brideson's page with Jeff lyrics and stuff. (He's jazzed it up a bit lately, and you might have gathered he likes Melbourne band Even too.

Marcus's Jeff Buckley Page.

Eliza's page with poetry and stuff.

A good site about tabbing. Note that I (foolishly or wisely, you decide) made up my own tab notation as I went, so their suggested notation ain't necessarily the same. You can even compare my Jeff Buckley tabs to theirs. In my opinion, they range pretty widely in quality (as in, one or two pretty good ones and some pretty lousy ones). But they're there if you want to check them out.

Virgin's official Ben Harper site. The Music Maker section is where you'll find the tabs.

The Ultimate Band List's unofficial Ben Harper site collection and their stuff on Jeff Buckley, including this site.

You can find CDs online at the following links.

CD Now is here, while you can find what they have on Jeff Buckley here, and on Ben Harper here . Their rock/pop stuff is here.

Want to search for CDs etc. on-line? Try here.

A namesake I didn't know I had: Mick Harris -- I still don't know the first thing about him!!

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