What's been going on (Part 793)

Hi all.

More on the songbook issue.

Mary Guibert has been back in touch with me about this. In short, she is very keen to keep me involved in the project, despite the lack of enthusiasm shown by Hal Leonard Publishers for any outside involvement. (The previous instalment in the saga can be read here.)

It is likely that I will be retained on the project in some sort of "consulting" role, and will be credited in the songbook itself. She and I agree this is about the best we can expect from this in the end.

Here is what was posted in "Mary's Mailbag": The "Official Songbook" is back on track (Hal Leonard Publishing), with the preliminary work being conducted while I'll be on tour in the US. I don't have a time-line, yet. But, as soon as I have one, I'll share it with you. Michael Harris (aka Captain Tabs) is still very much involved in the project and will be participating in the cyber- roll-out of the final product. We'll be updating everyone as the project progresses.

So that's how things stand as of now. Still no clear idea on timelines, deadlines, or any other lines yet.

But it does mean one, important, thing.


I was not prepared to put up new material on the site while all this was being dealt with. I see no reason now to hold off any longer.

I still have major commitments elsewhere -- massive deadline of my own in September -- but I had already spent time on new tabs and should be able to get those up soon. Also, Muz's redesign of my site is still in the works and should make things look and work better!

Talk to you all soon. And thank you to all who wrote to Hal Leonard Corp. on my behalf. It is appreciated.

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