This is just a quick note to let people in on new information and news about this site. (26 May 1998)

I set it up sometime in the middle of last year. The hit rate was slow, a few hundred hits accumulating over several months. Earlier this year, I got it listed on Lycos's search engine, on the Ultimate Band List, and via the Ben Harper website. Hits grew to something close to one hundred a day.

Since I spoke last week on the J-Files on Radio Triple J (in Australia), things have gone mad. Several hundred hits a day; at this rate there will be a thousand new hits in less than a week!

This is my first update since then. So here goes:

There will be a series of new Sketches tabs arriving shortly. I have been working on learning the songs, but also learning how to really PLAY them (which, believe it or not, is a different skill) because of the possibility I may get dragged up on stage at the Dendy in Sydney this weekend. (I'm also trying to remember how to play the songs from Grace!)

I am also trying to find time to actually re-work the site itself, redesigning it from the ground up. Hopefully it will look and run better. I hope...

Thanks for all the email and appreciative guestbook messages and so on. Encouragement and flattery do grease the wheels; they are one of the most tangible rewards for all this work!

Might meet some of you this weekend.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled in this vicinity for a possible get-together (in Melbourne) of Jeff-mad guitar players. It is just a possibility at the moment, but it might just happen.... for further developments, watch this space...

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