New Tabs? Melbourne Guitars? A Book?

A-hoy-hoy kiddies (as Mr Burns would say).

Yes, it's been a while. But I am back, I am alive, and I am planning on actually DOING some stuff!

OK, here goes:


Yes, OK, I have been inactive on this front lately but just to show you I care, you can go to the Jeff tab page and scroll down to the Sin-e song tabs and have a look at the intro to "Way Young Lovers Do" which I have just tabbed out since a lot of people have been asking for it.

I am back in the swing. More stuff WILL follow!


OK listen up, those in the local area! I've had more than a few mails now from Melbourne-area people saying stuff about how it would be cool to get together with guitars to mess around with Jeff songs face to face. Well, now it will happen!

A friend of mine, Andrew Brand, has generously investigated how, when and where we might have a kind of informal open gathering of people with guitars: to learn some Jeff songs, to meet me and other people, to have a few drinks, etc. etc.

Here's the deal. Andrew has suggested we gather at Minton-Connell's pub, in Drummond St. Carlton on Sunday November 22nd (in the afternoon). This is still tentative but firming fast. The pub has a bar, a pool table and a fair amount of space in the room we will be using. It would help to know what kind of numbers we will have so it might be nice if you'd drop Andrew a line. Like me he is at Melbourne University, and his address is:

As far as I have any idea of what might actually happen (or what I'd LIKE to happen) I would very much like to keep it informal and casual and "low-noise". I don't think we should expect to end up in a mass drunken chorus of "Last Goodbye" or something, just a chance to talk to me and whoever else about the songs you are trying to play, and the opportunity to then sit in the corner and quietly practice or jam or whatever.

To this end I am going to pretty much insist that people bring acoustic guitars only. I will have an electric and an amp so I can be heard if I need to be, but I hate the thought of a dozen amps around the room all creeping up in volume during the afternoon. So, please, acoustic guitars only!!!!


It's not in concrete yet, but there may be something in the works of more global significance to Buckley fans out there.

It might just be a songbook ...and I might just be involved... It's all tentative as yet, but when I have more details, I will let y'all know here!

Watch this space, or at least somewhere in the vicinity....