For Everyone

Hello my pretties.

I'm back from limbo, at least for a little while. I sat down with guitar and CD and tape and churned my way through a couple of very requested songs: "Satisfied Mind" and "Calling You".

If you have not heard the second song, rent the video of "Baghdad Cafe", it's the theme song. I cannot remember who does the version in the movie, but Jeff did it live a few times.

For "S.M." I have only done the intro but it contains most of the key elements of the song anyway. The chord structure is pretty simple. If you want to train your own ear etc., try working from my tabbed intro to get the rest of the song.

In late August and early September I will be overseas, for about three weeks. I hope to get some more stuff online before then. Wish me luck boyz'n'girlz.

For Folks In or Around Melbourne

OK, the plans for a "Melbourne Jeff Guitar Clinic" are slowly taking shape.

That sounds kinda pompous -- it won't be a "clinic" in any formal sense, but just folks in this area getting together with guitars to try and fathom out Jeff tunes.

As mentioned above, I'm away from late August (about a fortnight from now) until mid-September, then again from late September for a week or so.

If possible we might have this shindig in the middle of that; otherwise, sometime after mid-October.

As details firm up, I will post about them here.

Cheers all


PS: I hope your back buttons work on your browsers. I have left no escape hatches from this page heh heh heh.